Despite losing twice Conor McGregor threatens to kill Dustin Poirier in his sleep

This past weekend saw Conor McGregor lose to Dustin Poirier once again inside the octagon. UFC 264 was perhaps the worst defeat of McGregor’s career, not only being battered but also having his tibia snapped in half. Fans around the world saw the former double champion writhing on the floor of the cage for several minutes.

As Dustin Poirier took to the microphone, McGregor was already selling the fourth fight. Or at least that is how it seemed. His threats however transitioned from trash talk to something a little more personal.

“In your sleep you’re getting it…” said McGregor, “In your sleep you’re dead! You and your missus. It ain’t over”. He then pointed gun fingers at Poirier, premeditating some sort of homicide.

I respect Conor for continuing to put his body in harm’s way despite his net worth, but clearly he is not the fighter he once was. The interview fans endured as the pain of a broken bone sunk in was certainly is not a good look for the multimillionaire. Will he ever again compete at the level he did nearly a decade ago?

If the fight Saturday proved anything, it is that McGregor really poses no threat to Dustin’s life in hand to hand combat. It is entirely possible that McGregor pays somebody to kill Dustin and Jolie Poirier in their sleep, but that seems rather unlikely.

Odds are out for if these two ever do scrap again, and Poirier is a -240 favorite.

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